The Billing Module is represented by a dollar icon, and is where users are able to manage employee time tracking, set up billing permissions and rates, submit claims, produce invoices and post payments.


The Claims Module is presented by a plus sign icon, and is where claims for various insurance companies with exact preferences for each payer are set up. Through this module, the user can review timesheets and bulk merge claims for submission.

Client Portal

The Client Portal is CentralReach’s web portal for organizations’ end clients. The portal is designed with an easy to navigate user experience, menus, and features tailored specifically for end clients to access their account information.


The Contacts Module is represented by the three people icon, and is where all contacts in the network are added, viewed, labeled and stored.


The Files Module is represented by a briefcase icon, and is where users can access all the files that have been uploaded and shared with the user.

Human Resources

The Human Resource Module is represented by a dollar bill and a person icon and is where employee information for payroll, benefits, personal time off and assets are managed within CentralReach.


The Insights module (formerly, the Reporting module) is represented by the graph icon and includes all the reports within the system, along with advanced dashboards and graphs to measure and track key performance metrics.


The Learn Module is represented by a book icon, and is the section where therapists can create learning trees, sessions and assessments to collect client's data.


The Messages Module is represented by an envelop icon, and is where users are able to compose, read and review messages.

Notes & Forms

Learn how to create and manage Notes & Forms Templates and how to create client's clinical notes.


The Scheduling Module is represented by the calendar icon, and allows the user to view and manage calendar appointments for themselves as well as for all the providers and clients the user oversees.


The Tasks Module is represented by the bars icon and is where users manage, enter, define, assign and share projects with others. The main tasks grid provides a quick overview of the status of all projects.