Notes & Forms

Learn how to create and manage Notes & Forms Templates and how to create client's clinical notes.

Notes & Forms Building BACB Experience Supervision Form

Recorded: 7/26/17

Length: 55:41 minutes

This video features how to create a Notes & Forms template. A BACB Experience Supervision Form, including the BACB task list, is created.

Notes & Forms Building Clinical Notes & Forms

RecordeD: 7/23/17

Length: 52:39 minutes

This video features the basic functionality and best practices of building clinical Notes & Forms templates in CentralReach.

Notes & Forms Linking Service Types with Proper Documentation

Recorded: 7/14/17

Length: 49:50 minutes

This video features creating Notes & Forms with service codes, explaining the process of linking the proper documentation to the appropriate service types.

Notes & Forms Notes & Forms Webinar

Recorded: 10/15/18

Length: 1:01:49 hours

This video features CentralReach’s best practices and recommendations to create plans of care, session notes, progress reports, and clinical notes, using Notes & Forms.

Notes & Forms Notes & Forms: Goal Creator

Recorded: 7/13/18

Length: 34:47 minutes

This video features the Notes & Forms Goal Creator feature, a tool created to enable Speech, OT, and Multi-Specialty practices to easily document client goals and their progress directly in a CentralReach Note.