Advanced Graphing

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Behaviors Not Appearing in the ABC Data Collection Box

If behaviors are not appearing in the ABC data collection box, it is because only targets that have a behavior domain will populate in that box.

To set the Domain:

  1. Click  View Goal and select a Domain from the drop-down menu under the behavior section

2. Click Update or Update All to update the Responsibility, Status and Date, and Initiated Date

3. You will need to have an ABC Template imported into the Learning Tree via the Learning Tree Options

  • To access the Learning Tree Options, click the gear icon on the top left-hand side and select the ABC Table Selector tab
  • Click the gray  checkmark next to the template you want to choose, turning it green
  • Click Save

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Scatter Plot, Advanced Analysis, and Learning Opportunities

To access scatter plots, advanced analysis, and learning opportunities:

  1. In a Learning Tree, navigate to the gear  icon on the left-hand side for Tree Options 

2. Select Graph Analysis

3. Choose a Chart Type on the right-hand side:

  • Scatter Plot
    • Identifies temporal location (time) of behavior occurrence
    • Y-axis: Time
    • X-axis: Date

  • Advanced Analysis 
    • Shows the total values collected and identifies when a behavior is occurring within a greater interval (Data from Scatter Plot). Please note, the Date Range for the graph does not modify the graph or results, and when selecting a date range, the graph will sum the totals collected on each day

  • Days with Highest levels
    • Smaller Interval: Day
    • Larger Interval: Week 
  • Hours of Week with Highest Levels
    • Smaller Interval: Hour
    • Larger Interval: Week 
  • Hours of Day with Highest Levels
    • Smaller Interval: Hour
    • Larger Interval: Day
  • Learning Opportunities 
    • Learning Opportunities over time
    • Show Gridlines
    • Show Data Labels
    • Show by Provider (Separates opportunities by employee)

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Advanced ABC Graphs

To access advanced ABC graphs:

  1. In a Learning Tree, navigate to the gear icon on the left-hand side
  2. Select Graph Analysis

3. Select Chart Type on the right-hand side

  • ABC Bar Graph

  • ABC Line Graph

  • ABC Hypothesized Functions (Pie Chart)

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Navigating to Raw ABC Data

To navigate ABC Data:

  1. Navigate to the Clinical module and select Learning Trees
  2. In a learning tree select ABC Data on the right-hand side

3. For ABC History, click the gear icon on the left-hand side for Tree Options 

4. Select ABC History

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Taking ABC Data in Session

For the ABC Tracking Premium Feature:

  1. In a session, select ABC in Pinned View
  2. Select a Behavior 

  • Typically a Blank Target left on a session & Name Changed Later (if used)
  • Enter Antecedent information
  • Enter Consequence Information
  • Enter Optional Other Fields 
  • Select Submit 

Multi-Select Option

Free Text Option

Learn / Clinical / Advanced Graphing Applying ABC to Client Goals

The ABC Tracking premium feature consists of:

  1. Targets automatically appearing in Session menu & if ABC template attached to client profile 
  2. Blank Targets: Therapists can take data within a session on a newly emerging behavior
  3. Data options
    • Frequency
    • Duration
    • Rate
  4. Port ABC Goal into a Live Client Book 
    • Targets must be set as a “Behavior Reduction” Domain via the  View Goal
  5. Attach an ABC Template to a Live Client Book by clicking the gear icon in a Learning Tree and selecting Learning Tree Options

7. Select the ABC Table Selector tab

8. Choose a template by clicking the gray  checkmark, turning it green

9. Click Save