Dashboard / Widgets Available Widgets in My Dashboard

Widgets in “My Dashboard” can be configured by the user, based on the permission levels provided by the organization.

The available widgets in My Dashboard are:

  • Favorites: favorite contacts.
  • Activity & Call Log: latest activity, call log, and notes.
  • Tasks: latest tasks that are due or overdue 
    • Click the to filter tasks by due date.
  • Timesheets: most recent timesheets.
    • Click the to filter timesheets by day or week.
  • Files: latest files and document uploads.
    • Click the to filter files by day or week.
  • Messages: most recent messages received.
    • Click the to filter messages by day or week.
  • Appointments: upcoming appointments scheduled in the calendar and can be converted.
    • Click the to filter appointments by day or week.
  • Learn: learning trees, sessions, goals, and routines.
  • Productivity: employee productivity information.
  • Required Documents: part of the Premium Resource Templates feature set. Users can upload required and recommended documents based on resource templates set up in the organization account.
    • Click the to filter expiring documents.
  • Billing Overview: client payment activity and latest receivables.
  • Authorizations: client authorizations organized by authorized service codes and effective dates. 
  • Additional/Emergency Contacts: any additional contacts associated with the client.
  • Health & Vitals: client health records
  • Payors: client payors.
  • Notes & Forms: notes and other client clinical documentation. This widget is only displayed for other users to view.

Click here to learn how to customize widgets in My Dashboard.

Dashboard / Widgets The Productivity Widget

The Productivity widget in “My Dashboard” provides an accurate representation of the amount of time an employee has worked, was available, was scheduled, and their worked % (worked/scheduled) over a period of time. These metrics can help determine the employee and the organization’s ability to maximize the employee’s total available work time.

  • For example, if an employee’s Worked % is 100%, it means the employee is being scheduled, and is working the maximum amount of their available time. A Worked % under 100% would mean you had an employee scheduled to work, but they worked less than what they were scheduled for.

The Productivity widget is only available for employees and will be displayed on their face sheet, including a chart with information taken from the employee schedule in CentralReach. The widget provides five views based on time over the past month, three months, six months, year-to-date and one year. Clicking any of the four options below the chart (Worked, Avail, Sched, Worked%) removes the information from the chart to allow for different views.


Chart details:

  • The first view provides the full amount of information all at once.
  • The Available line represents the employee total available time to work, based on what they submitted via their schedule.
  • The Schedule line represents how much the employee was scheduled to work.
  • The Worked line represents how much the employee was documented as actually working.
  • The Worked % line chart is the amount worked compared to the amount scheduled.

Simple and useful ways to view the chart:

  • Compare the red line, Worked, to the green line, Avail, to see an indication of how much an employee has worked compared to how much time they were available to work.
  • Compare the blue line, Sched, to the green line, Avail, to see how much an employee is being scheduled compared to the number of hours they are available to work.
  • The percentage on the left of the chart is for the Worked % line chart only, and will be removed when the Worked % option is clicked off, as shown in the following view:


  • The hours and minutes on the right side of the chart represent the total hours and minutes the employee was scheduled to work during the time frame selected. This information also changes based on the selected view, or will be removed if just viewing the Worked % line chart, as shown in the following view:


  • To see the raw numbers that make up the chart, simply hover your mouse over any part of the chart and an information box will appear, presenting the data of that part of the chart, as shown in the following view:


  • Many more views are available by selecting either the time frame above the chart or the category below the chart.

Click here to learn how to add the Productivity widget, or any other widget to “My Dashboard.”