CR PrecisionX / Charts Archive or Unarchive a Chart

Charts are medical records and therefore, cannot be deleted from PrecisionX. However, you are able to archive them to hide them from your view.

Once a chart is archived, it will show an icon  next to the chart name.

To archive a chart:

  1. Navigate to the Performers tab to view all your performers
  2. Use the Search bar to locate your performer
  3. Click the name of the performer once you locate him/her
  4. You will now be on the performers’ main Charts tab. Use the Search bar to locate the specific chart or alternatively, select it from the list
  5. You can filter by the Pinpoints, Sort or Tags in the drop-down to drill down to a specific chart
  6. Click the chart you would like to archive
  7. On the main chart view, click Settings on the top bar menu and select Chart Settings
  8. You will be on Pinpoint Details screen viewing the Details for that chart
  9. Scroll down until and click Archive Chart
    • The alert Are you sure you want to archive [chart name]? will be displayed
    • Click Yes to archive the chart. Click No if you don’t wish to archive the chart.
  10. Click Save Chart
    • A message box will appear at the lower left stating Edited [chart name] !
    • Click the X to close it

To unarchive a chart, simply follow the same instructions and click Unarchive Chart.