CR PrecisionX / Pinpoints Archive and UnArchive a Pinpoint

Pinpoints cannot be deleted as they are medical records, however, they can be archived.

Once a pinpoint is archived, it will show an icon  next to the pinpoint name. Archived pinpoints can’t be used to create new charts, although you can unarchive them and they are ready to use again.

To archive a pinpoint:

  1. Navigate to the Pinpoints tab to view all pinpoints available
  2. You can filter by the Categories, Types or Tags drop-downs to drill down to a specific pinpoint
  3. Click the name of the Pinpoint you would like to archive
  4. The Edit Pinpoint screen will be displayed with the pinpoint Metadata
  5. Click Archive Pinpoint
    • The alert Are you sure you want to archive [pinpoint name]? will pop on the screen and it will also warn you that you will no longer be able to create charts from [pinpoint name]
    • Click Yes to archive the pinpoint. If you don’t wish to archive the pinpoint, click No
  6. The Archive Pinpoint button has now become Unarchive Pinpoint
  7. Click Complete
    • A message box will appear at the lower left stating Successfully edited [pinpoint name] !
    • Click the X to close it

To unarchive a pinpoint, simply follow the same instructions and click Unarchive Pinpoint.