CR Community

CR Community Add Support Case Reasons

Case Reason Case Definition
Add/ Update User Info Organization needs to make a change or update all imperative information for Admin, change of email address, and anything related to a CR user.
Add Payor/ Enrollment Organization needs to add new payor or insurance into the system.
Feature Request/ Enhancement Organization is looking for a software feature we have yet to roll out or does not currently exist within CentralReach.
General Question Organization has a generalized question about CentralReach not related to the fields above.
Password Support Organization requests support when it comes to password set up, resolution, and general inability to log into the software.
Problem/ Error This option is for 1 off questions that do not fit the above criteria.
Product Defect Organization reports that the system is not working as designed. Potentially a bug in the software.
Report/ Dashboard Request Organization is looking for a report or dashboard to be created.
Request for Training Organization needs support or training on current workflows or features within the software.

CR Community CR Community and Admin Workflow Guide

The CR Community and Admin Workflow Guide provides an introduction to CentralReach Community end-users. Once your Administrator has enabled your permissions, this document will help users onboard the support site and begin working collaboratively with the CR Support team. This document also highlights how the Support Admin can authenticate and assign cases to their end-users within the Community. With these additional permissions and licenses, Support Admins have more control over case management and workload.

CR Community The Contact Page in CR Community

The Contact page in CR Community includes the entire organization for users to view. This screen can be filtered and sorted by:

  • All Contacts: The entire contact list that CentralReach is aware of. The Support Admin and users are a subset of the “All Contact” category.
    • Support Admins: A list of designated Support Administrators.
    • End Users: A list of the individuals that have been granted “End User” access.
      • Please note, if a member of the team is not included here, submit an “Add/Update User Case” with:
        • The area of software: “Community”
        • The full name of the individual

CR Community The Support Admin Page

In CR Community, the Support Admin page contains the following section on the right-hand side:

  • Account Management: This section is where the Administrator manages and authenticates access and permissions for the organization.
  • Manage Subscriptions: This section is how Administrators manage the engagement related to cases they do not own.