Information about Timesheets in Billing

Billing / Timesheets + Add New Timesheet

Allows you to create a new timesheet and convert without having to go into the Scheduling module and create an appointment. *Note: must have permission to do this.

Billing / Receivables / Billing / Timesheets Payor ‘None’ in the Receivables Page

If a timesheet is submitted and no payor is selected, the receivables page will display the entry in the By Payor view within a payor name titled ‘None’. To enter a payor for the entry, go to the timesheet and edit the payor name.


Billing / Billing / Billing / Timesheets Permission to Edit Timesheet

Employees with the following  Billing module permission will be able to edit their appointment information, including the service code, when doing a timesheet conversion. This permission can be enabled via the  Permissions module.

  1. Timesheets > Allow Conversion Modifications
    • Ability to modify timesheets while converting them from an appointment
    • Ability to attach a note to an unlocked billing entry

To learn more about attaching a note to a timesheet, click here.

Permissions / Billing / Timesheets Permission to Manage Employee Timesheets

To be able to manage employee timesheets, you must be connected to the client and the employee and must have the following  Billing module permission enabled, which can be granted in the  Permissions module:

  1. Timesheets > Manage Timesheets
    • Manage timesheets on behalf of other employees and Clients in their network. This includes converting appointments and being able to add/edit timesheets of others until they are locked

Click here to learn how to connect employees.

Click here to learn how to connect an employee to a client.