Learn / Clinical ABC Data Collection

Recorded: 8/14/17

Length: 43:36 minutes

This video features the ins and outs of utilizing ABC Data Collection in CentralReach.

Learn / Clinical Building Library Templates

Recorded: 7/25/17

Length: 26:52 minutes

This video features the new workflow in CentralReach’s data collection platform, allowing users to privately share library templates with other colleagues for collaboration with template creation.

Learn / Clinical Clinical Express: Advanced Criterion Templates

Recorded: 3/20/19

Length: 43:58 minutes

This video features how to establish across session prompt fading templates at the organization level, and a 15 minute Q&A to follow.

Learn / Clinical Clinical Express: Basic Criterion Templates

Recorded: 2/20/19

Length: 31:38 minutes

This video features how to set up criteria for advancing or regressing prompts, phases, and targets.

Learn / Clinical Clinical Express: Goal Auto-Progression with Criterion

Recorded: 3/20/19

Length: 23:20 minutes

This video features how to establish changing criterion templates at the organization level, and a 15 minute Q&A.

Learn / Clinical Clinical Express: Task Analysis Options

Recorded: 3/20/19

Length: 32:03 minutes

This video features how to establish whole, backward, and forward chain task analysis with advanced customization. A 15 minute Q&A follows.

Learn / Clinical Criterion and Prompting Features

Recorded: 3/6/18

Length: 1 hour

This video features the new and advanced Criterion & Prompting updates, such as mastery across two providers, advanced regression criterion, and concurrent baseline.

Learn / Clinical Criterion and Prompting Templates

Recorded: 4/17/18

Length: 1:59 minutes

This clip provides details on Criterion and Prompting Templates, and shows examples on how the template works.

Learn / Clinical Greater Graphing in CR

Recorded: 5/19/17

Length: 51:28 minutes

This video features the graphing options available in the  Learn module.

Learn / Clinical Learning Tree Overview

Recorded 3/21/17

Length: 47:34 minutes

This video features the in’s and out’s of Learning Trees in CentralReach.

Learn / Clinical Manual Data Collection

Recorded: 5/3/17

Length: 50:50 minutes

This video features different data collection types, demonstrating steps to efficiently enter archival data, phase changes, and event and goal lines in the Learn module.

Learn / Clinical Monitoring, Managing, and Increasing Therapist Performance

Recorded 1/20/17

Length: 56:43 minutes

This video features how to monitor, manage, and increase therapist performance from the  Learn module.

Learn / Clinical New Clinical Functionality

Recorded: 1/23/18

Length: 41:44 minutes

This video features the new tools added to the Clinical section of the Learn module, such as increasing client learning opportunities, tracking trials to criterion, monitoring staff performance, session editing, and streamlining a technician’s workflow in data collection.

Learn / Clinical Sessions Overview

Recorded: 4/28/17

Length: 39:38 minutes

This video features information about Sessions (electronic data sheets) and how to utilize them for success.

Learn / Clinical Task Analysis

Recorded: 10/11/17

Length: 26:46 minutes

This video features the new advancements of Task Analysis in Clinical Data Collection & Learning Management, which includes ways to present untrained steps in forward and backward chains and new graph types to analyze independence of steps over time.

Learn / Clinical The Ins and Outs of Using Different Data Collection Methods

Recorded: 2/27/17

Length: 1:05:25 hours

This video features different types of data in CentralReach and includes examples of selecting the best type, as well as tips for getting the most out of your data.

Learn / Clinical Utilizing the VB MAPP Assessment

Recorded: 2/16/18

Length: 43:16 minutes

This video features an overview of the VB-MAPP assessment in CentralReach, how to start an assessment, updates to the assessment grid for progress tracking across assessments, and how to generate a goal bank to be utilized with the assessed child. Also, Liz Maher from “Data Makes The Difference,” explains the new VB-MAPP training that is available in the Marketplace.