Information about electronic data sheets in Sessions

Learn / Clinical / Sessions Access, delete or Edit Classroom Group Sessions

To access, delete or edit a group session:

  1. Navigate to the Learn Module , select Clinical and then select Sessions.
  2. Click Group Sessions on the top right hand-side of the page.
  3. All your group sessions created will be displayed under the Saved Classrooms section on the top of the page.
  4. To access a group session click the classroom name.
  5. To delete group sessions:
    • Click the trashcan  icon on the top right hand-side.
    • Click the x icon next to the classroom you wish to delete. The classroom will be immediately deleted.
    • Click the trashcan  icon to remove the option to delete from the classrooms.
  6. To edit group sessions:
    • Click the pen  icon on the top right hand-side.
    • Click the pen  icon next to the classroom you wish to edit.
    • The Edit Classroom pop up will be displayed. Edit the classroom name, clients’ order, clients’ sessions, delete clients and/or add clients as needed.
    • Click Save Classroom.
    • Click the pen  icon to remove the option to edit from the classrooms.

To learn how to create a group session classroom, click here. 

To learn how to create a one time group session, click here. 

Learn / Clinical / Sessions Add & View Comments in a Session

To add and view comments in a Session:

  1. Navigate to the  Learn module, click Clinical and select Sessions/Data Sheets
  2. Click the Session you would like to review
    • Alternatively, navigate to the  Contacts module and select Clients. Click the name of the client you wish to review Session for, and then click the Session name within the Learning Trees widget in the client’s Dashboard.
  3. All unseen comments added will be identified under each goal on the left sidebar, with a red notification with the total number of new comments pending to be viewed
  4. Click the goal you would like to review or add comments to
  5. All comments that have not been marked as seen by any user will be displayed. Additionally, up to the last 10 seen comments will also be shown in the Session.
  6. Scroll down on the right hand-side details panel and click to expand the Comments section
  7. Click the Mark as Seen  icon to acknowledge you have read the comment and remove it from the red notification counter
  8. Click Add a comment,  type a comment and click enter. Once a comment is added, it will be counted as a new comment in the red notification for other users with access to the Session to identify the new comment added.
    • Click the Mark as Seen  icon is you wish to mark a comment you have authored, as seen

Important Notes:

  1. If you added a comment, you and other users with access to the Session will have the option to Mark as Seen  
  2. If the comment was marked as seen, it won’t have the option to Mark as Seen  nor the username and timestamp when the comment was seen.
  3. Comments can only be marked as seen once, no matter how many users have access to the Session. Once the comment is marked as seen by one user, no other user will have the option to mark it as seen.

Learn / Clinical / Sessions Analysis & Programming View

Analysis & Programming View

  • Data Fields
    • Change Branch Name 
    • View Branch  (Learning Tree branch opens in new window)
    • Data collection type
    • Graph with last 3 graphed data points & most recent phase change lines (if applicable)
    • Last graphed data point
    • Date target was last graphed
    • Therapist whom graphed the last data point
    • Last 3 prompts used (max)
    • Number of trials last graphed
    • Autosave Timer (Every 45s)
    •  (Manual)
      • Graphing Task Analysis multiple times
      • Graphing behavior by episode (Frequency, Duration, & Rate)
      • Graphing when Maximum Trials are established
      • Graphing Probe trials
        • Therapist Manually graphs after FIRST trial & in Bulk at the end of session
        • Graph First Data Entry Only must be selected on Targets for this workflow
  • Trial Activity
    • Specifies trial values within a data point
    • Specifies prompts used
    • Minimum/Maximum trial slots pre-loaded
    • Any blank trials (skipped or unselected) will show up in raw data as “No data collected”
  • Description Text
    • Displays description from the Data branch
  • Instructional Notes
    • Displays instructional note from the learning tree (Program Sheet)
      • Only filled in fields will appear
      • Remember: Place instructional notes on Short Term Goals to appear on Data branches in session & If Data branches have instructional notes as well (even if empty), the Short Term Goal notes will not appear
  •  Most Recent Comments
    • Displays most recent comments between staff about a target
    • New comments that have not been marked as seen will be included in the notification  and in Session and on Learning Tree for 7 days
    • All past comments are housed in the Learning Tree Comments Tab