The Learn Module is represented by a book icon, and is the section where therapists can create learning trees, sessions and assessments to collect client's data.

Learn / Permissions Learn Module Permissions

The following permissions can be granted to employees in the Permissions Module , to grant them access to a variety of features in the  Learn module:

  1. Access
    • Basic Access to the Learn module
  2. Course Groups > Billing Admin
    • Purchase, cancel, or modify a Course Group subscription
  3. Course Groups > Seat Admin
    • Add and remove employees from Course Group seats
  4. Learning Tree > Access Progress Report
    • View all employee’s RBT course, HIPAA course, and CEU courses
  5. Learning Trees > Add New
    • Create learning trees or courses and training materials
  6. Learning Trees > Assign to Clients
    • Ability to assign learning trees to Clients
  7. Learning Trees > Assign to Providers
    • Ability to assign learning trees to providers (Employees and Generics)
  8. Learning Trees > Manage Organization Labels
    • Add, edit, or remove organization labels
  9. Learning Trees > Use Organization Labels
    • Add and remove organization labels to and from learning trees
  10. RBT Courses > Access
    • Access to the legacy RBT course. Those users not part of Course Groups using the RBT will have access
  11. Sessions > Add New
    • Create new sessions and session groups
  12. Sessions > Manage
    • Sharing of sessions with other users (even if they are not the creator)
  13. Settings > ABC Data Table Creator > Manage Organization Templates
    • Edit the organization’s ABC templates
  14. Settings > Criteria & Prompting Templates > Manage
    • Access to create and Criteria & Prompting Templates
  15. Settings > Note/Instruction Templates > Manage
    • Manage and use Note Templates
  16. Settings > Routines > Manage
    • Access to create and manage Learn Routines
  17. VBMapp > Access
    • View VBMapp assessments for any clients that they are connected to, that have a VBMapp started
  18. VBMapp > Add New
    • Create new VBMapp assessments. Users can start a new assessment for clients in their account


A place to explore, view and purchase trainings, programs and curriculum to be used in the Learn Module.