Central+Reach’s standard payroll report calculates the California Overtime Setting as follows:

  • After 7 days of timesheets in a row, the 7th day is overtime.
  • After 8 hours in one day, anything over 8 hours in one day is overtime.
  • Over 40 hours per week (not including overtime accrued in over 8 hours per day) is considered overtime.
  • Any other requests for overtime calculations, e.g. double overtime, must be handled through a custom payroll report and is outside the scope of the California overtime setting.

California Overtime Blended Rates are calculated as follows:

  • Total Pay/Total hours worked for a given overtime period.
  • Example: IF you are paying for the dates of 15th-30th and the work week starts on the 12th, the system calculates the values for the week of the 12th toward the blended rate. Those are the hours we are using for calculating overtime, therefore they are the hours we use to calculate the blended rate.

General Disclaimer

CentralReach is not a payroll administrator, the above has been provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is the responsibility of the Organization to ensure that payroll is correct according to any and all federal and state laws that apply to the respective Organization.