Human Resources / Payroll California Overtime Settings

CentralReach’s standard payroll report calculates the California Overtime Setting as follows:

  • After 7 days of timesheets in a row, the 7th day is overtime.
  • After 8 hours in one day, anything over 8 hours in one day is overtime.
  • Over 40 hours per week (not including overtime accrued in over 8 hours per day) is considered overtime.
  • Any other requests for overtime calculations, e.g. double overtime, must be handled through a custom payroll report and is outside the scope of the California overtime setting.

California Overtime Blended Rates are calculated as follows:

  • Total Pay/Total hours works for a given overtime period.
  • Example: IF you are paying for the dates of 15th-30th and the workweek starts on the 12th, the system calculates the values for the week of the 12th toward the blended rate. Those are the hours we are using for calculating overtime, therefore they are the hours we use to calculate the blended rate.

General Disclaimer:

CentralReach is not a payroll administrator, the foregoing has been provided for informational purposes only, and odes not constitute legal advice. It is the responsibility of the Organization to ensure that payroll is correct according to any and all federal and state laws that apply to the respective Organization.

Human Resources / Payroll Download a payroll report

To download a Standard Payroll Extract report:

  1. Navigate to the Human Resources Module and select Payroll.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down on the left hand-side of the report you wish to download and select Standard Payroll Export.
  3. An Export pop up will appear. Click Download.

The report will download to your computer and will also be available in the Files Module . Please note that you will need a spreadsheet application, like Excel, WPS Spreadsheets or Google Sheets to open the downloaded report.

Note: We offer custom payroll reports as an additional service. If you’d like more information on how to have a custom payroll report set up for your organization, please contact our support team.

Human Resources / Payroll How do I track payroll adjustments?

You may need to track payroll adjustments if a time sheet has been entered late, and payroll has already been processed. To track payroll adjustments (whether it was a late time sheet or time sheet error) you can do so within the payroll module as a pay type.  Just log the adjustment as a Taxed or Non-taxed amount as a one time payment to your current payroll period. View the help article on how to add pay types. Please note that you cannot add a negative amount, only a positive number can be entered for the pay type.

Human Resources / Payroll Running Payroll

Once your pay types are set up and your employees have entered their timesheets, you can run your payroll.

To run payroll:

  1. Navigate to the Human Resources Module and select Payroll.
  2. Click the year drop-down on the top of the page and select the year.
  3. Click the date range drop-down and select the dates.
  4. Click Run Payroll.

The report may take up to a few minutes to generate if you have a lot of employees and/or timesheets. Once completed, the new report will appear at the top of the list. If there are errors, you can run the report as many times as needed until the information is accurate. Additionally, you can delete inaccurate reports (Click Actions  and select Delete).

After confirming the payroll run is accurate, click the Lock/Commit to History yellow button on the right hand-side of the run to make a copy of all time entries in the date range in the payroll table and allow billing to remain isolated from payroll at all times.  You should lock/commit the report after your employees have been paid.


Human Resources / Payroll Why are employees not showing up on my payroll report?

If you are utilizing the payroll module and an employee is not showing up when you run payroll, check to verify that the employee has a pay type set up under the Employees tab of $ > Payroll. For information on how to set up a pay type, click here.

2017-03-30 15_05_24-payroll - CentralReach

If the employee in question has the appropriate pay type, please navigate to $ > Service codes to ensure that the employee in question has a custom rate for the appropriate service codes. For information on how to set up a pay type, click here.

2017-03-30 15_13_39-billingmanager - CentralReach

Last Updated: 3/30/2017