When creating your note/form template, you may want to bring in the full appointment information such as the entire duration, rather than the information attached to a single service code. This is mostly relevant for appointments that contain t-codes.

To begin, navigate to your Note and Form Templates by clicking on My Profile > Settings > Notes & Form Templates. 

2017-03-30 17_00_33-

Click on your note template. Under the Service > Multiple Services drop-down, you have the option to bring all code descriptions within the appointment, start time and end time of the appointment (regardless of how many codes are in it), total duration, and total units.

2017-03-30 17_04_16-notes - CentralReach

Add the fields as you wish, and Save.


Attach your template to your service code as described here. In the example below, we are only adding it to 365T to avoid therapists from having to fill it out twice since it is assumed that it will be paired with 364T in the appointment.

2017-03-30 17_09_11-billingmanager - CentralReach

We made the appointment from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM. The first 30 minutes are with code 364T, and the remainder of the 2 hours is with 365T.

2017-03-30 17_11_24-scheduling - CentralReach

Although this note template is only added to one code, because the fields from the Multiple Services were added, during conversion, the information for the entire appointment reflects on the note that displays when converting the 0365T code.

2017-03-30 17_13_02-billingmanager - CentralReach

Last Updated: 3/30/2017