Once you have set up your pay codes for your employees, you can give employees access to the appropriate billing/service codes. For example, an RBT would be given access to only those billing/service codes that they are able to use. If you need to set up the pay codes first, go here.

After all employees’ pay codes have been set up under $ > Payroll > Employees, simply pull up your codes either via service code labels, or select them individually from your active service codes list. Then click Actions > Add custom rates from pay codes.

2016-09-07 19_10_27-billingmanager - CentralReach

Select which pay codes you’d like to add, then click Add.

2016-09-07 19_12_50-billingmanager - CentralReach

In the example above, all of the employees who had Administrative pay code in their payroll profile, with their respective rates, have been added to the selected codes.

Updated: 3/27/2017