The Supervision Report is used to review ABA supervision hours for specific clients, and allows organizations to determine if their supervisors are providing the minimum supervision based on individual funding and accreditation requirements.

Note: This article will cover both the new and old Supervision Reports. For the new version, scroll down. The old version is detailed at the top.

To utilize the Supervision Report, navigate to the Reports module.

In the Reports module, scroll down to Billing section and locate the Supervision report.

Click on the report and you will be able to see the basic layout.


Select your desired date range. Then under Compare Service Code Labels, select two labels that you want to compare. The comparison will be made by the second label/first label. As such, in the case of the screenshot below, the comparison made was calculated by dividing the total amount of hours worked and scheduled by all of the service codes labeled with “Supervision”  by the total amount of hours worked and scheduled by all of the service codes labeled with “Direct.”

Remember that the hours for supervision are determined based on service codes that have a Supervision label divided by service codes that have a Direct label.  For the report calculations, the supervision hours are specifically determined by looking at  supervision service codes that overlap the direct service code for each client.  The comparison result is then displayed as a percentage under the Percentage column. The report allows you to see both worked and/or scheduled, in order to gauge whether your supervisor is meeting the supervision requirements.


If you wish to download this report, simply click on Export link at the top of the screen after setting all of the necessary information and filters. Or, for a more detailed export, select the Detailed Export option before exporting it at the top right.

Please note that for the report to capture scheduled vs. worked, timesheets must have been converted from an appointment. They cannot be manually added by bypassing the scheduling module.

The NEW Supervision report is simply titled Supervision, under Billing in the Reporting module. Here is a sample of the new report layout.

A few of the very helpful updates with the new Supervision report are:

  • The ability to search and use the tool with individual clients, providers, or by contact label. You can also search by specific Insurance.
  • Added columns that pull in converted and pending data.
  • The number next to a provider’s name shows how many payors apply to that provider based on your filters (if a provider has Supervision hours for three payors, all three will show details once the plus (+) sign is selected).
  • Users can utilize saved filters to easily track and prioritize your report.
  • This report will also capture data for timesheets that were saved by converting scheduled appointments and those that bypass the schedule as well.

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Last Updated: 7/12/2017