Task and Support Settings

Tasks / Task and Support Settings Setting up internal support staff

You can designate certain employees to handle internal support inquiries. This feature is aimed at expediting ticket response times, all while giving administrators better insight and visibility into internal training needs.

To add an employee as internal support:

  1. Navigate to Tasks , then Task and Support Settings.
  2. Click into the search bar titled Add support contact and search for the employee you wish to add.
  3. Once you’ve added an employee, click on his/her name to expand their settings.
  4. From the dropdown you can select what types of tickets they will receive for which modules.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, click on the Save button.

By default, new support staff will not be designated as administrators. Administrators are those who can modify support related settings, reassign or close tickets, and escalate tickets to CentralReach Customer Care.

To make an employee a support admin:

  1. Click on any employee’s name within Task and Support Settings.
  2. Click on the Yes under the setting titled Is a support administrator.