Our new support ticket system is live! With this improvement, administrators will be able to designate certain staff members handle internal inquiries as ticket types will be rerouted directly to those members. This is aimed at expediting ticket response times, all while giving administrators better insight with full visibility to better assess internal training needs. To get started, please navigate to your Tasks module > Task & support settings.

2015-12-23 17_03_38-dashboard - CentralReach

Enter the employee name that you would like to designate as the internal administrator, and select it from the drop-down suggestion.

2016-01-04 11_26_09-tasks - CentralReach

By default, the employee will not be designated as the administrator. Administrators are those who can escalate tickets to CentralReach Customer Care if they deem the inquiry to be technical, or they need further assistance from our support team. To make the employee an administrator, after selecting the user as shown above, click his/her name, and select “Yes” under “Is a support administrator?” Only 1 administrator is allowed to escalate tickets to CentralReach Customer Care with the standard subscription (more can be added at a cost); however, multiple support staff can be added in order to re-route tickets, depending on the modules. Just click on the employee name, and make the desired selection.

In the example below, Alfred is deemed as an administrator, so all Billing manager tickets will go to his account. Because he is selected as an administrator, he can also escalate tickets to CentralReach Customer Care.

2016-01-04 11_28_15-tasks - CentralReach

Have an employee (e.g. scheduler) you want handling internal tickets regarding scheduling related matters? Simply search for and select their name, click the name to expand settings, determine the type of tickets they can receive (technical vs. user training), and check the Scheduling option. In the example below, although Iron Man is not selected to be an administrator, he will be responsible for all internal support tickets related to scheduling within the organization.

2016-01-04 11_50_27-tasks - CentralReach

Now, if an employee within the organization opens a support ticket that is Scheduling related, it will directly go to Iron Man’s Tasks module.

2015-12-23 18_47_14-dashboard - CentralReach

Iron Man must now go to his Tasks module and click Support tickets in order to address it. Any new tickets/tasks will also be indicated by a red notification next to its corresponding module icon.

2015-12-23 18_49_29-tasks - CentralReach

Even though Iron Man is not an administrator, he can still re-assign this to other staff, including the administrator within the ticket.

2015-12-23 18_52_04-tasks - CentralReach

Please keep in mind, if you do not have any internal administrator set up, all internal tickets will directly go to the organization (admin) account. Unless the internal administrator works from the organization (admin) account, we highly recommend that you designate at least one internal administrator to address any internal inquiries.