Composing a message within CentralReach

Messages / Compose Composing a new message

This article is about using Messages . For help with starting a new ReachMe  conversation, please visit this article.

To send a message:

  1. Click on the Messages  icon at the top left of the page and select Compose New Message.
  2. Start typing a contact name or label into the Add Recipients field.
  3. Add a subject for the message within the Subject field.
  4. Type your message, then click Send Message to send.

Optionally, you can add attachments by clicking the Upload button or by clicking and dragging a file from your device into the dotted area labelled Drop files here to upload.

The recipient will see a red notification  on the menu bar next to the Messages  icon. A copy of your message will not be sent to any outside email addresses. Your message is HIPAA complaint because it stays within CentralReach. Message recipients will receive a text or e-mail message notifying them that they have a new message if they have enabled notifications.