The Service Audit report allows organizations to grant permission to staff to review timesheet information without giving them access to billing information.  Managers can search by client, provider, and/or date range to ensure time sheet data is completed in full, including signatures, service notes, and uploaded files.

To access the Service Audit report, simply navigate to the Reports module and select Service Audits under Client.

2017-04-03 14_42_39-reporting - CentralReach

Enter your desired filters: date range, client, provider, and/or service code and click the magnifying glass icon to start your search.

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For service codes that require a client or employee signature, the ClientSig and Provider Sig column headers will show yes or no if the signature fields are set to Optional on the service code settings. Otherwise they will show blank.

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Information can be sorted alphabetically or by ascending/descending by clicking on the blue column headers.

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The data on the screen can also be exported to .CSV format by clicking on the Export icon at the top right.

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Last Updated: 4/3/2017