The Prospective Report will pull every client created between a determined time frame. To access this report, click Prospective from the Clients section in the Reports module. Enter your search date range along with search terms. Accepted search terms are client name and labels. After you have set your search parameters click the Search button.

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The report will pull the following information:

  • Guarding – The will pull from the Contact First Name and Contact Last Name boxes in the client Basics.
  • Insurance –  This will pull from the Payors tab in the client Profile. If a client has multiple payors listed, it will pull the primary.
  • Labels – This will pull from labels you have established for clients in the Contacts module.
  • Referrer – This will pull from the referrer box in a client’s meta data.
  • City – This will pull from the contact address.
  • State – This will pull from the contact address.
  • Active – This will pull from the client Basics page.
  • Weekend – This is the Sunday after the client was created.
  • Login – This will show the client’s last login.
  • Last Task – This will show the client’s last task.

*** Please note that this is a legacy report and there is a newer way to audit clients who came in between a particular date range, with a particular label. This can be accomplished by clicking on the Added column header from your Clients list and selecting Custom, then selecting Between and entering the desired date range.

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Last Updated: 3/28/2017