CentralReach has two Productivity Reports, one for hourly staff and another for salary.  Due to the sensitivity of data in the reports, requests should be made to Customer Care to have them added to the organization’s account.  The Productivity Report will compare billable, non-billable, and total hours worked for a given time frame for employees within your organization. In addition, it calculates employee pay, sales, and profit margins based on timesheets that were submitted by the employee.

Productivity Report – Hourly

To access this report, select Reports section from the Navigation drop down menu. From the Choose a report page, click Productivity from the Providers column. Enter your search parameters in the search fields and click the Search icon.  Please note, this report will only pull for a date range of one month.  To export the information to a spreadsheet, click Export. A pop up box will appear with a Download link for you to save the file to your computer.

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Column Explanation:

  • Manager – Pulls from Principles in the Contacts Manager for the provider as set up by the organization.  For more information about how to set up principles visit: How do I add principals to contacts?
  • Non-Billable and Billable – Pulls from the Labels attached to the Service Code on your Billing Settings Page. For more information about how to set up Non-Billable and Billable labels visit: How do I create and add labels to billing and service codes?
  • Drive Hours – Pulls from time sheet entries in specified date search range.
  • Pay – Pulls from Provider Rates on Time sheets. *This data does NOT pull from Payroll (See Salaried Productivity Report for this information)
  • Sales – Pulls from Client charges in Billing.
  • Billable Percent – Percentage of Billable hours versus total hours worked.
  • Profit – Sales minus pay.
  • Profit Percentage – Percentage of net profit / sales.

Productivity Report – Salaried Staff

The productivity report for salaried staff is an exportable report.  Most fields calculate the same as hourly with the following notes:

  • Staff must input non billable time entries in order for the billable % to calculate correctly.  The system does not assume they work 40 hours.
  • You must search the report according to your last payroll run to ensure it calculates correctly.  The Total Pay is the staff annual salary broken down on a daily (8 hour) basis.
  • Provider Hourly Pay is pulled directly from time sheets to account for those situations when the staff is paid an hourly rate in addition to their salary.

Sample Report for Download: