Billing / Billing / Filters / Payments Posting Payments: Bank Deposit & Payment Reconciliation

CentralReach allows you to reconcile your bank deposits to the payments posted to billing entries.

To reconcile your bank deposits to payments posted:

  1. Navigate to the Billing module and select Reconcile Payments
  2. A bank account must be added to CentralReach to be able to reconcile payments. To add a new bank account to CentralReach, proceed as follows. Otherwise, continue to step 3 below.
    • Click the filters  icon on the top left corner to open the left hand-side panel
    • Click the Accounts tab
    • Click the cog icon and then click the + icon
    • Complete the form:
      • Name: enter your bank account name
      • Reference: enter your account reference number
      • Click Save
  3. Click Batches
  4. Click + Upload Batch on the top right corner
  5. Complete the Import Batch form:
    1. Click the link download a template of the required import format file, to download a CVS file to be completed with the bank deposit details
      • Open and complete the template:
        • Deposit Date: the date when the deposit was made to your bank account
        • Transaction date: the date the funds were received
        • Description: additional details about the deposit
        • Reference: posted payment reference number. This value must be equal to the reference number of the payments posted on the billing entries for such deposit in order to be able to reconcile the deposit to the posted payment in CentralReach
        • Amount: total deposit amount
        • Payer: name of the payer who made the payment
      • Save the file in your computer
    2. Account: select the bank account name. If there are no bank accounts, go to step 2 above to add your bank accounts to CentralReach
    3. Batch Name: enter the name of the batch list
    4. Date Range (optional): click to select the batch start and end dates
    5. Upload File: click + Choose File
      • Select the file saved in your computer
    6. Click Perform Upload
  6. Click View Transactions to go to the transactions page and reconcile the deposit to your billing entries
    • Click the right arrow > icon to view all the billing transactions payments posted with the reference number included in the batch file of the deposit
    • Under the Candidate Payments section, click the checkbox next to the billing entries you are reconciling the deposit to
    • Click Reconcile Selected. Once done, the transaction selected will be moved from the Candidate Payment section on the left hand-side, to the Reconciled Payments section on the right hand-side
      • To unreconcile the payment, click the checkbox next to the reconciled payment, and click Unreconcile selected
  7. The reconciled transaction will be added to the Payments table, with the total amount reconciled for the reference number