Answers to your most frequently asked questions about the CR Go app.

CR Go / FAQ's Am I able to Create a New Session and Access Learning Trees in CR Go?

No, the CR Go app does not currently support the creation of a Session nor access to Learning Trees. You will only be able to access and collect data for your already created Sessions.

CR Go / FAQ's Can I do Session Handoff in CR Go?

No, CR Go currently doesn’t support Session handoff. All targets must be graphed by each user when data is collected so the data is saved.

CR Go / FAQ's Can I Schedule or Reschedule an Appointment in CR Go?

No, the CR Go app does not currently support scheduling or rescheduling of appointments. You will be able to view your already scheduled appointments and will be able to cancel an appointment in the CR Go Schedule module.

CR Go / FAQ's Do you Have More Resources to Learn How to Navigate CR Go?

Yes, download the CR Go Playbook for detailed screenshots and to learn how to navigate CR Go.

CR Go / FAQ's How and When is Data Synced to the Learning Tree?

When collecting data on CR Go while having online access, as soon as your graph a target, or graph all targets, or enter a comment in the Session, the items will be instantly updated in the Learning Tree branch. If you are collecting data offline, once you graph the targets, all the data and comments will be synced to the Learning Tree as soon as you regain internet connectivity.

CR Go / FAQ's How do I View the Client’s Most Updated Session in CR Go?

To view the most updated client Session in CR Go, open the app while you have online access so that all branches, Sessions, and appointments are updated with the most recent information.

If you are unable to find a Session in CR Go, click here. 

CR Go / FAQ's What Should I do if I can’t Find a Session in CR Go?

If you can’t find a client’s Session in CR Go, it is most likely because you are not connected to the client. You must ensure you are connected to the client to be able to view the client’s Session for data collection. Additionally, if you just created a new Session and have never collected data on it, the Session will not be shown either. Please collect data on the Session for it to then be displayed on the app. Finally, please ensure your device has internet connectivity for it to sync with all your online Sessions on the app. 

If you have internet connectivity on your device and an active Session that has already been shared with you, and you still do not see it in CR Go, please submit a support ticket for further assistance.

To learn how to connect a client to an employee, click here. 

CR Go / FAQ's Where is the Trail and Routine View?

CR Go does not currently support Trial nor Routine view.

CR Go / FAQ's Why am I Unable to Share a Video with a Colleague?

If a colleague is not showing up for you to share a Session video with, it’s because that user is not connected to the client, and therefore you are not allowed to share client’s videos or information with the user. 

To learn how to connect a client to an employee, click here. 

CR Go / FAQ's Why are Some Branches not Appearing in the CR Go Session?

Some branches may not appear in the CR Go Session, like items in Routine view and Trial view, which are not currently supported. Additionally, if new branches are created and added to a Session while you are on offline mode, these targets won’t be shown in the app Session until you regain online connectivity.  

CR Go / FAQ's Why do I See Multiple Sessions When Tapping Start Session from my Appointment?

If your client has multiple Sessions, you will see them all when tapping Start Session from the Schedule Details.  All the client’s Sessions will be shown for you to choose the Session you would like to start collecting data on.