Prerecorded Webinars

Prerecorded webinars about all the features available to help you manage your employees' calendars and appointments.

Scheduling / Prerecorded Webinars Scheduling Module Detail Overview

Prerecorded webinar on how to easily manage your organization’s calendar, schedules, and appointments through CentralReach’s  Scheduling module.

Scheduling / Prerecorded Webinars View As Grid Overview

Prerecorded webinar providing a detailed overview of all of the tools available in the Grid calendar view to help you effectively manage and audit your employees’ appointment schedules.

Note: Totals are now filtered via the left hand-side panel Stats tab

Scheduling / Prerecorded Webinars View My Calendar Overview

Prerecorded webinar providing details to help you navigate your appointments via View My Calendar in the Scheduling module.