The Scheduling Module is represented by the calendar icon, and allows the user to view and manage calendar appointments for themselves as well as for all the providers and clients the user oversees.

Scheduling Find a Provider

Learn how to best utilize the Find a Provider feature available in the Scheduling module, designed to help you match your client’s availability to your employee’s availability, to quickly book appointments.

Scheduling How do I Find Unconverted Timesheets?

Learn how to search and audit for unconverted timesheets, as well as documents that do not have either client signatures or provider signatures.

Scheduling Scheduling 2.0

Recorded 04.26.17

Learn the View as Grid and Day Planner views in Scheduling in CentralReach.

Scheduling Scheduling Module

Pre-recorded webinar on how to easily manage your organization’s calendar, schedule, and appointments through CentralReach’s Scheduling Module.

Scheduling Scheduling Overview

Recorded 04.12.17

Learn general scheduling tips and workflows.