Insurance Verification

Contacts / Editing / Insurance Verification Client Insurance Verification

Organizations can automatically verify client’s insurance in CentralReach, through the Office Ally insurance verification feature. To use this feature, the organization’s account must first sign up with Office Ally and employees must complete the setup process in their account.

  • To learn how to sign up with Office Ally to use the insurance verification feature, click here.
  • To learn how employees can enable the insurance verification feature in their accounts, click here.

To verify a client’s insurance plan:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module and select Clients.
  2. Click the box on the left hand-side of the client’s name, within the contacts grid. Select as many clients as needed.
  3. Click the Verify button on top of the contacts grid

4. The Verify Insurance popup will be displayed:

  • If you are validating insurance for a group of clients, select one of the Insurance Responsibility Levels to Verify for all the clients: All; Primary Only; Secondary Only; Tertiary Only:
    • Click Validate Verification Request
    • The list of insurance plans for each client will be displayed, to continue with the verification, click Send Verification Request 

  • If you are only verifying insurance for one client, click the box  next to the  insurance plans you would like to verify:
    • Click Validate Verification Request

5. Once the verification process is completed, you will see the Verification Request Completed pop up. If there were any errors, you will see them listed with a link to access further details. Click Done, once completed.

To view the status of a client’s insurance verification, go to the Payors widget in the client’s Dashboard. You can also see the verification history, status, source, who verified, and more by clicking the payor name and then clicking View Details in the Payors widget.

To learn how to view a client’s insurance verifications status, click here. 

Contacts / Editing / Insurance Verification / Dashboard / My Dashboard / Widgets Client Insurance Verification Status

Client’s insurance verification status can be viewed in the Payors widget in the client’s Dashboard, in the Insurance section within the client’s Profile and in the Contact Module .

  1. The Payors widget in the client’s Dashboard shows all the payors assigned to the client, along with the payor verification status:
    • The green checkmark icon indicates the payor is an insurance plan that has been verified
    • The question mark icon indicates the insurance plan has not been verified
    • The admiration icon indicates the verification has failed

2. To view more details on the client insurance verification status:

  • Navigate to the Contacts Module and select Clients
  • Click the client name in the client’s grid
  • Click an insurance plan in the Payors widget
    • Click View Details
    • Alternatively, click the Profile tab at the top of the client’s Dashboard and then click Payors
  • You will land in the Insurance section of the client’s Profile, which contains the plan verification history, status, source, who verified the insurance and more.
  • Click the link under the Status column to see coverage detail information

3. To filter clients based on their insurance verification status in the Contacts Module :

  • Navigate to the Contacts Module and select Clients
  • Click the filter icon on the top left hand-side, to expand the Filters and Labels section and then click the Filters tab
  • Click Insurance Verification
  • Click Choose  next to the insurance type to select the insurance status you would like to filter clients by in the client’s grid, and filter by the last date when the coverage verified was valid

Contacts / Editing / Insurance Verification / Dashboard / My Profile Validate a Client Insurance Manually

To validate a client’s insurance plan manually:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module and select clients
  2. Click the client name you need to verify insurance for
  3. You will land in the client’s Dashboard 
    • In the Payors widget, click the insurance plan you wish to manually verify
      • Click View Details
    • Alternatively, click Profile at the top of the client’s Dashboard, and then click Payors
  4. Click the Verify > or Verify Again button on the right-hand-side and select Manually Verify
    1. Verify Coverage Date: click to enter the date when the insurance is being manually verified
    2. Eligibility Status: select one option from the drop-down menu
    3. Coverage Details/Notes: enter any notes as necessary
    4. Click Update Insurance Eligibility