The Dashboard Module is represented by a speedometer icon. Regardless of your role, the dashboard is intended to provide a quick glance view of the items most important to your daily activities.


The Profile section in the Dashboard contains fields to store and update account specific information, set office locations, enter user credentials, and where the organization accounts can update merchant settings, billing information, and view/print CentralReach invoices.

Dashboard Dashboard Module Navigation Menu

When navigating to the  Dashboard module, the main drop-down menu has the following options to help you access and manage your CentralReach account:

  • Home: when selecting home, you will land on My Dashboard, which can be customized with widgets to quickly access other modules within CentralReach, and can provide you a quick overview of upcoming appointments, favorite contacts, recently uploaded files and more. From My Dashboard, you will be able to access My Profile to manage and set up additional account details and settings.
  • Agenda: select to set up and manage your current day activities and appointments. My Agenda also allows you to customize widgets for quick access to other modules and information as in My Dashboard.
  • Activity: select to view account history activity for your defined time frame

When navigating to the  Contacts module and selecting a contact, you will be redirected to the contact’s Dashboard, which looks like your own Dashboard (Home/My Dashboard). Other contacts Dashboard can also be customized with widgets and their information is tailored to the contact’s account. From a contact’s Dashboard, you can also access the Profile section to configure additional information and account settings.

Dashboard Enable Contacts Notifications & Checklists

CentralReach provides contacts a suggested list of items to be completed on an account in order to completely set up such account. This list is titled Notifications & Checklists and can be viewed on the right hand-side of the  Dashboard module.

Notifications & Checklists are disabled by default and can be enabled by the organization account.

For the organization account to enable Notifications & Checklists:

  1. Navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home/My Dashboard
  2. Click the Profile tab on top of the Dashboard
  3. Click the Settings tab
  4. Click Additional Settings
  5. Scroll down to the Checklists section
  6. Click the following checkboxes  to enable the Notifications & Checklists panel
    • Show client setup checklist: will enable Notifications & Checklists on the Dashboard of clients
    • Show employee setup checklist: will enable Notifications & Checklists on the Dashboard of employees
  7. Click Save Settings

Dashboard Notifications & Checklists

CentralReach provides contacts a suggested list of items to be completed on an account in order to completely set up such account. This list is titled Notifications & Checklists and can be viewed on the right hand-side of the  Dashboard module if the feature is enabled by the organization account.

To view Notifications & Checklists in the  Dashboard module:

  1. Log in to CentralReach or navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home, Agenda or Activity
    • If you are viewing Notifications & Checklists for another contact in your organization:
      1. Navigate to the  Contacts module and select Everyone
      2. Click the name of the contact
  2. Click the percentage number displayed on the top right hand-side of the screen, right next to the search  icon

3. The Notifications & Checklists menu will be displayed on the right hand-side, including the list of items to be completed by the user in order to complete the contact’s account set up

  • When clicking each section, you will be able to expand all the items within each category
  • When clicking the button under each item, you will be redirected to the product section where the item can be set up
  • When clicking the circle icon on the left hand-side of each item, you will mark the item as completed. Once items are marked as completed, they can’t be uncompleted and the percentage number displayed when the panel is closed will increase. This percentage number reflects how much of the items on the list have been completed.
  • When clicking the question icon next to the button, you will be redirected to a help article with further information about the item

4. To hide the Notifications & Checklists  anel click over the title of the section on the top right hand-side

Dashboard Contact Details Sidebar

The contact details sidebar in the  Dashboard module displays a summary of a contact basic profile information and allows you to view and edit their assigned contact labels, their basic information, and meta data.

To view and edit a contact via the details sidebar:

  1. While in the Dashboard module, the contacts details sidebar will be displayed on the left hand-side of the Dashboard
    • If you don’t see the details sidebar, click the contact name on the top left hand-side of the Dashboard to expand the details sidebar
  2. Click the contact face image to add a picture to the contact’s profile
  3. Click the star / to add or remove the contact to/from your Favorites contact list
  4. The contact labels will be displayed under the contact’s name. Click to add more labels. Click the x next to a contact label to remove the label.
  5. Under the contact’s basic information, click the pen  icon or click any of the links displayed to be redirected to edit the basic contact information
  6. Click Add/Edit Meta Data to edit the contact’s meta data


Dashboard Search for a Contact via the Dashboard Module

To search for a contact and view a contact’s Dashboard via the  Dashboard module:

  1. While in the  Dashboard module, click the search icon on the top right side of the screen and enter a contact’s name or ID
  2. If you are connected to the contact, you will see the search results drop-down with the contacts matching the search name entered
  3. Click the name of the contact in the search drop-down
  4. The contact’s Dashboard will be displayed

Dashboard Customizing Widgets

Widgets can be added, deleted, expanded, shrank or moved around My Dashboard and My Agenda, as well as in your view of a client, network provider, employee or generic contact Dashboard, in the  Dashboard module.

To customize widgets in My Dashboard or a contact’s Dashboard:

  1. Login to CentralReach or navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home or Agenda.
    • If you are customizing a contact’s Dashboard, navigate to the  Contacts module and select Everyone and then click the name of the contact in the contacts grid
  2. Click the Grid Add Widgets  icon on the top right hand-side corner to select a widget. If the Grid Add Widgets  icon is not appearing, you have already added all the user’s available widgets.
  3. Click the Trashcan  icon on the top right hand-side corner of the widget, to delete the widget
  4. Click the Stretch/Shrink icon on the top right hand-side corner of the widget, between the Trashcan   and the Refresh List  icons, to expand/shrink the widget
  5. Click and drag the widget around to move it to your desired location

Dashboard / Files / Document Management Upload and Classify Documents Via the Document Manager Widget

The Document Manager widget allows contacts linked to a Document Template, to manage, upload and classify files included in such template from their Dashboard.

This feature allows you to put the work related to uploading and maintaining up to date document versions on the hands of your employees. Users will be able to see documents in the widget if the user is included in the contact label assigned to a Document Template.

To upload a file via the Document Manager widget:

  1. Navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home/My Dashboard
  2. Go to the Document Manager widget
  3. Expired or missing documents will be in red text
  4. Documents expiring in the next 28 days will be in black text
  5. Click the Upload link next to the document you are uploading
  6. Complete the form:
    • Name: enter the document name
    • Description: enter the document description
    • File Number: enter the file number
    • Effective Date: click to select the document effective date
    • Expiration Date: click to select the file expiration date or click the checkbox next to No expiration date, if the file doesn’t have an expiration date
  7. Drag and drop the file from your computer or device into the Drop your file here to upload box, or click Click to Select to select the file
  8. Click Begin Upload
  9. Click Close

To learn how to add the Document Manager widget to My Dashboard, click here.

Note: The Document Manager widget can be seen if your organization has purchased the Document Management premium feature through CentralReach. This widget allows you to quickly upload and classify required documents. Please contact your Customer Success Lead or open a support ticket if you’d like to add this feature to your account.

Dashboard / Contacts / Insurance Verification Client Insurance Verification Status

Client’s insurance verification status can be viewed in the Payors widget in the client’s Dashboard, in the Insurance section within the client’s Profile and in the Contact Module .

  1. The Payors widget in the client’s Dashboard shows all the payors assigned to the client, along with the payor verification status:
    • The green checkmark icon indicates the payor is an insurance plan that has been verified
    • The question mark icon indicates the insurance plan has not been verified
    • The admiration icon indicates the verification has failed

2. To view more details on the client insurance verification status:

  • Navigate to the Contacts Module and select Clients
  • Click the client name in the client’s grid
  • Click an insurance plan in the Payors widget
    • Click View Details
    • Alternatively, click the Profile tab at the top of the client’s Dashboard and then click Payors
  • You will land in the Insurance section of the client’s Profile, which contains the plan verification history, status, source, who verified the insurance and more.
  • Click the link under the Status column to see coverage detail information

3. To filter clients based on their insurance verification status in the Contacts Module :

  • Navigate to the Contacts Module and select Clients
  • Click the filter icon on the top left hand-side, to expand the Filters and Labels section and then click the Filters tab
  • Click Insurance Verification
  • Click Choose  next to the insurance type to select the insurance status you would like to filter clients by in the client’s grid, and filter by the last date when the coverage verified was valid

Dashboard / Tasks Create a New Task from the Dashboard Module

To help you streamline the process of creating a task for yourself or for a client, tasks can be created directly from the Tasks widget in the  Dashboard module.

To create a task from the Tasks widget in the  Dashboard module:

  1. Login to CentralReach or navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home/My Dashboard
    • If you are creating a task for a client, navigate to the  Contacts module and select Clients
    • Click the name of the client you would like to create a task for
  2. Hover over the Tasks widget and click the new task  red button
  3. In the Compose Task pop up, complete the form with the following information:
    • Name: name of the task
    • Description: a detailed description of the task
      • If you are creating a task using a Task Templateclick here
    • When is it due?: click to enter the task due date
      • Assigning a due date will enable you to filter tasks in the tasks screen and in the  Tasks module main menu by Due Today and Overdue
    • Who is responsible?: click the drop-down to select one of the following:
      1. Me: if the task is an assignment for yourself
      2. Let me choose someone…: to assign the task to somebody else
        • Find Person/Group: enter the name of the person, group or label the task should be assigned to
      3. Leave unassigned: if the task should not be assigned to anybody. Use this option to create a queue of tasks that can be worked on and completed by other users in the organization.
    • Is this task on behalf of a person?: If you are creating the task directly from the client’s Dashboard, the task will automatically be created on behalf of the client. Otherwise, select one of the following:
      1. Yes: if the task is being created on behalf of another person.
        • On behalf of: enter the name of the person the task is created for
      2. No: if the task is not created on behalf of another person
    • Add Labels: click to enter labels, which allow you to easily filter and organize your tasks
    • Attachments: click Upload, Select Files or drag your the file to the Drop files here to upload to attach relevant documents to the task
  4. Click Create Task

To learn how to add the Task widget to your Dashboard or a client’s Dashboard, click here. 

To learn more about the Tasks widget, click here.

Contacts / Dashboard Create an Activity Note

Activity notes can be added to any contact in CentralReach, via the Activity & Call Log widget in a contact’s Dashboard

To add an activity note:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module and then select Everyone
  2. Click the name of the contact
  3. Hover over the Activity & Call Log widget and click the icon
    • To learn how to add a widget to the Dashboard, click here
    • Alternatively, click Profile on top of the Dashboard, and then click Activity/Call Log under the Profile tab
  4. Click Add New
  5. Complete the form:
    • Type: click to select the type of activity note you are adding
    • Subject: enter the subject
    • Date: enter the date
    • Length: enter the activity length
    • Add Note: add additional details
    • Visible: click to define who will be able to view the activity. You can share the note with colleagues in your organization, your entire network (outside providers included), or keep it private.  Network permissions still apply, meaning the client must be in your co-worker or outside provider’s network in order for them to view the notes.
      • Click the checkbox next to the contact name, to share the call/activity log with the contact you are creating it for
    • Click Save Activity and the activity will be shown in the Activity & Call Log widget in the contact’s Dashboard

Dashboard / Scheduling Convert Appointments from the Dashboard Module

Appointments can be converted into timesheets from the Appointments widget in My Dashboard/Home and My Agenda in the  Dashboard module.

To convert appointments from the Appointments widget:

  1. Navigate to the  Dashboard module and select Home or My Agenda
  2. Go to the Appointments widget
    • If you don’t have the Appointment widget in your Dashboard, click here to learn how to add it.
  3. Click the lightning bolt  icon next to the appointment you wish to convert
  4. Verify the accuracy of the information, add Service NotesProvider’s Signature, collect the Client’s Signature and complete all the information required by your organization
  5. Click Save

You will be directed to the Billing module, where you will view all the timesheets for a given date range, and will be able to edit any unlocked timesheets. If a signature was attached to the timesheet, the timesheet will be locked and only an Org Account will be able to make changes to the timesheet.