Information about Authorizations

Billing / Authorizations How could Your Staff Work Over Their Authorized Hours?

If you find that your staff worked more than their authorized hours, it’s most likely due to any of following reasons:

  1. The billing entries were converted during the authorization report refreshed cycle (done every 20 minutes on average and indicated on the top right hand-side corner of the Authorizations screen). To verify this, you can review the timesheet conversion times:
    • Navigate to the Billing  module and select Billing
    • Click the gear under the Options column, next to the billing entries you would like to validate, and select Preview Entry
    • Click the History tab to review the exact timesheet conversions times and dates
  2. A duplicate authorization was entered for the same code. To verify this, you can review the authorizations and file ID’s:
    • Navigate to the Billing  module and select Billing
    • Hover over each authorization under the Service/Auth  column
    • Review the information displayed on the bottom of the screen and confirm the entries have the same ?id and authorization&authorizationId

3. Appointments were converted by an employee with Billing > Manage Timesheets permission

4. The authorization had overbilling enabled when the appointment was converted

5. Validations are turned off at the authorization level

Billing / Authorizations Load Totals

Clicking the blue “Load totals” button will automatically calculate/load the totals for the authorized, worked, pending, remaining, and utilization columns.