Learn / Settings Criteria and Prompting

Criteria and Prompting Templates allow automatic goal mastery and automatic phase changes for advancement and regression. Supervisors may establish templates with concurrent phases mastery criterion, mastery across two providers, automatic holds. These templates may be modified later for actual clients with individualized criterion.

The Criteria and Prompting Template provide the following features:

  • Auto goal mastery
    • Across 2 providers (optional)
  • Automatic phase changes/lines (0ptional)
    • Baseline
    • Intervention
    • Generalization
    • Maintenance: for targets to remove/return to data sheets automatically
  • Automatic coding of phase on data points: to filter on graph
  • Auto progression/regression of phases within goals
    • Across days/sessions
    • Within sessions
  • Auto progression of targets within a program
  • Automatic holds of goals
  • Mastery across two providers
  • Systematic prompt fading
  • Across session prompt fading

To learn how to create a Criteria and Prompting Template, click here.

To learn how to provide employees in your organization permission to manage Criteria and Prompting Templates, click here.


Learn / Settings Instructional Templates

Instructional Templates are program checklists or Sd Sheets and allow practices to establish organization-wide program templates for supervisors and to provide therapists with explicit instructions on how to run programming. Instructional Templates can be created and customized based on your needs, and CentralReach also offers system Instructional Templates that can be used or leveraged to facilitate the creation of new templates.

Instructional Templates can be accessed and set up by navigating to Settings in the  Learn module