Learn / Clinical ABC Data Collection

Recorded 8.14.17

Learn all the ins-and-outs of utilizing ABC Data Collection in CentralReach with this webinar recording.

Learn / Clinical Advanced Criterion

Gain more advanced knowledge about the Learn module in CentralReach, specifically around criterion. This webinar covers the steps on creating three pertinent features: probe, systematic prompt fading and within session prompt fading.

Learn / Clinical Complete Progress Reporting

Learn how the Learn module can help you create and complete clinical progress reporting.

Learn / Clinical Criterion and Prompting Features

Webinar detailing all the new Criterion & Prompting updates released on 4/6/218.

Jam packed with new features such as mastery across 2 providers, advanced regression criterion, and concurrent baseline, our criterion settings are being advanced. Gregory Paquette, VP of Clinical Product Development, is excited to show off and train on the new solutions.

Learn / Clinical How do I set up criterion settings and prompting hierarchies?

Recorded 03.13.17

Learn how to set up a criterion setting and prompting strategy on one of your data collection branches in the Learn module.

Learn / Clinical Monitoring, Managing and Increasing Therapist Performance

Recorded 01.20.17

Using Learn in CentralReach, this webinar will show users how to monitor, manage and increase therapist performance within the CentralReach system.

Learn / Clinical New Clinical Functionality

CentralReach has been working hard over the holidays to release some great new features for our clinical users. Join Gregory Paquette, VP of Clinical Product Development, as he shows off some of the new tools in your Clinical module. Items of focus are: how to increase client learning opportunities, track trials to criterion, and monitor staff member’s performance. Further, two new highly requested features will be shown that enable supervisors to streamline their “session editing”, as well as streamlining a technician’s workflow in data collection. Start the year off right and join us in this 45 minute clinical webinar.


Information about electronic data sheets in Sessions

Learn / Clinical Task Analysis

Recorded October 11, 2017.

Join Gregory Paquette, M.S., BCBA, as he walks through best practices use of Task Analysis in Clinical Data Collection & Learning Management. New advancements include ways to present untrained steps in forward and backward chains, as well as a new graph type to analyze independence of steps over time. New and experienced users alike will benefit from the new tools and best practices information!

Learn / Clinical The Ins and Outs of Using Different Data Collection Methods

Learn what each type of data looks like in CentralReach and the rules that apply to each. Examples of selecting the best type are given, as well as tips for getting the most out of your data.