Support Tickets

Tasks / Support Tickets Open a Support Ticket

To open a CentralReach support ticket:

  1. Click your account name in the top right corner.
  2. Select the  Open a Support Ticket option.
  3. Choose a Ticket Type.
    • User Training: For any account inquiries or questions on how to use a specific component of CentralReach.
    • Technical: If you believe you’ve discovered a bug, please submit a report using this option.
    • Feature Request: If you’d like to request that a new feature is added to CentralReach.
  4. If this is in regard to a specific module, please select it from the Module drop-down menu.
  5. Within the Description field, add details about your question or issue, including screenshots and step by step instructions to replicate the workflow.
  6. Click the checkbox  next to Escalate to CentralReach support if you need help from our support department.

If you are submitting a ticket to CentralReach support, we will provide feedback on the request within 24 hours.