Searching and Filtering

Files / Searching and Filtering Add or Remove Columns from the Files List

By default, the Files  module lists files  by TypeId, Name, LabelsSizeUploaded byOwned byAddedAdded via, and Classification. These columns can be customized to better fit your specific needs.To add or delete columns

  1. Click on the Columns  icon and select Configure Grid Columns.
  2. Click the checkbox next to any columns you want to add or remove.

These selections can also be saved as filters for future use as shown here.

Files / Searching and Filtering Create and Use Saved Filters

You can create and store your search specifications by creating custom filters within Files .

  1. Start by applying any set of filters and optionally adding or removing columns.
  2. Click on the Save this view as a filter button.
  3. Under Save current search values to filter choose an existing saved filter to overwrite or select New Filter to create a new filter.
  4. Give your filter a name and choose whether or not you want coworkers to be able to see and add that same filter to their account.
  5. Click Save.

You can save multiple filters to allow for faster searching on files that you are always viewing. When you want to bring up a saved filter:

  1. Click the Filters tab on the top left of the page.
  2. Click the Saved Filters  button.
  3. Select the filter you wish to apply.

You’ll see the Filter  icon next to whichever one is currently selected.

Files / Searching and Filtering New File Notifications

You may notice a red number next to the Files  icon on your toolbar . This indicates that new files have been shared with you. To filter by just those files, navigate to Files  and select Shared with me.

The following page will show a list of files you have never opened, sorted from newest to oldest. As you open each new file the New tag will be removed. If you wish to clear all new file notifications navigate to Files  and select Clear New File Notifications.

Files / Searching and Filtering Previewing a File

When searching for a specific file, it is helpful to preview documents from the files list. To preview a file click on the Preview button to the right of the FileName column. Please note that not all file types can be previewed. Common file types that can be previewed are PDFs, Images, Videos, Notes/Forms, and so on.

You can also preview a file after opening it. From the file details page, click the Preview button near the top of the page.

Files / Searching and Filtering Searching for “Creator” or “Contact”

When searching for files by the contact’s name in the Files module, you will see that there are two choices  for search option.

  • Creator: Use this option to search all files that were created/uploaded by this contact.
  • Contact: Use this option to search all files that were uploaded on behalf of this contact.

Files / Searching and Filtering Where can I find the file ID number?

The file ID number, sometimes referred to as the “resource number,” is a unique identifier given to each file within CentralReach. To locate the file ID:

  1. Navigate to Files .
  2. Search for the authorization file.
  3. The file ID number is located in two places:
    • The files screen , under the ID column.
    • Click on the file  and navigate to the File Details tab.