There are certain situations with regards to Authorizations which require one code to be used before another code may be used.  For example, some payors require that 0364T must be used before 0365T may be used.  In order to support that, the Authorizations module has the functionality on grouped codes titled ‘Enforce Code Order’:

This will allow you select the order in which codes must be scheduled and then billed.  If you want to use this feature, you must select to Enforce Code Order.  Once you do that, you may edit the order on the subsequent screen which looks like this:

Additionally, you can also setup daily minimum and/or daily maximum limitations on code utilization by adding a minimum or maximum number of minutes which must be used on a code or group of codes.  You can also set those daily limits either once per day OR once per day PER provider:

Once the authorization has been setup correctly, a scheduler of an appointment will see warnings when they attempt to schedule an appointment which is in violation of these settings.  For example: