The Contacts Module is represented by the three people icon, and is where all contacts in the network are added, viewed, labeled and stored.

Contacts / Contacts / Labels Assigning Labels

Assigning Labels

Labels can be assigned automatically using Custom Contact forms.  For more information on the use of Custom Contact Forms please download and complete the Custom Contact Form Course located in the marketplace. Labels can be applied to contacts from various parts of the system. The first option is to navigate to the face sheet of the contact in which a label needs to be applied and click on the option “Click here to add labels”.

From here the options for labels will appear below to search and select the label.  Typing the name of the label being searched for will narrow down the search and allow faster navigation to apply new labels.  It is often recommended to avoid assigning a Parent Label and instead select child labels as demonstrated below. This will increase search and filtering functionality.

Once a label is applied it will appear under the contacts name and can now be used to search and filter throughout the contacts module as well as other modules throughout the system. Labels can also be added from the contacts list using the checkboxes in the front of each contact. This option allows you to apply and remove labels in bulk saving time when a change needs to be made. 

Once the box is checked, select the label button and then type the label you are looking to apply in the search box.  

Contacts Contact Labels Permission

Organizational Contact Labels Permission

There are several different types of label permissions within CentralReach, however the one being discussed in this course is specific to the Contact Labels. There are two main permissions for Contact Labels and both can be found within the Contacts section of the permissions module.

Since Contact Labels are the backbone for many search and reporting features within CentralReach, permission to use, edit or create these labels is often limited to administrative teams. The permission listed below allows users to add or remove contact labels on clients and provider accounts once a label is created.  These labels may include job titles, departments, locations, etc.  

This next permission is a higher level permission that allows users to create, edit, and delete organizational labels.  This permission should be reserved for a very small group of individuals who will be in charge of ensuring customized labels needed for the organization are maintained. 

The gear icon shown below will only be available in accounts in which permission to create, delete and edit organizational labels has been granted. 

Contacts / Contacts / Labels Creating Labels

Creating Labels

Private labels can be created by anyone from their own accounts and Organization Labels can only be created within the main administrative account or from an account in which permission to “manage labels” has been given. 

To begin to create labels navigate to the contacts module and click on Contacts

Next click on the gear icon next to either the Private Label or Organization Label options

When you click “Select a label to add” you will then click on the “New Label” in order to create

Once you select “New Label” you will have the ability to choose a name for the label, change the color and even classify the label under other categories, which will be covered in the next segment.  Remember to click “Update Label” when complete

Contacts Creating Meta-Data

Creating Meta Data

  • Navigate to the Contacts module
  • Select Utilities & Tools 
  • Select Meta-data Settings