Updated 12.17.17

This article will go over how to use the Learning Opportunity by Date graph in Learn.   Users subscribed to the Premium Feature of “Advanced Graphing and Analytics” will find this great tool in their Graph Analysis tab.

First, navigate to and open the learning tree for your particular client.

The next step is to navigate to the top left side of the screen and select the gear icon.







Choose the Graph Analysis link.


When you land into the graph analysis page, look to the right of the page.  Select your chart type from the drop-down.










The Learning Opportunities by Date graph will appear once you select it.  It will list the total learning opportunities for all the programs in the book, on a given date.  Meaning, anything hitting the graph that counts as a learning opportunity, from all programs/goals that date, will show.


It will include any and all providers who have graphed data for that date of service.  Using the right side of the screen, you can use the tools to show grid-lines or data labels.




Further, you can click the “Show by Provider” to compare the providers on the case and how many opportunities they are getting per shift.  You will find all the providers on the case that have taken data for this client, and can toggle them on and off under the graph.


To print your graph, navigate to the top right of the graph and find the three bars. Click and print the desired graph type.








Enjoy the Learning Opportunity Graph!  Happy Analyzing!