Learning Trees

Clinical program books within the Learn module

Learn / Clinical / Learning Trees Archiving Branches & Trees

  • Archiving Branches

    • Click on a branch
    • Via Branch Options  select Archive Branch 
    • Client Goals are medical records & branches may not be deleted, only Archived (hidden)
    • Archiving parent branches removes all branches below
  • Returning Archived Branches
    • Archived branches may be returned via Tree Options   Show Archived Branches
    • Hover over the Archived    Button to Return Branches 
    • Archived branches will not appear when pulling goals to Reports (LEARN Drop In Course)
  • Archiving Trees

    • Enter a Learning Tree
    • Via Tree Options   select Archive Learning Tree
    • Client Program Books are medical records & may not be deleted, only Archived (hidden)
  • Returning Archived Trees
    • Open an Archived Tree 
    • Hover over The Archived Tree   Button to Re-activate the Learning Tree 
    • Archived Trees may be returned via the Learning Tree list view
    • Navigate to Clinical -> Learning Trees

Learn / Clinical / Learning Trees Auto Progression

Auto Progression

  • When a previous target is mastered
    • New Targets placed on acquisition (Blue icon)
    • Mastered Targets (Green icon) may be removed from the data sheet (overrides post-intervention criterion)
  • Any/All goals may utilize auto progression (set up on the short term goal – in client profile)
    • Must have mastery criterion tied on each target
    • Must exist in a client’s learning tree
    • Must have an existing session data sheet

Duration Goal (Add to Goal Bank)

  • Establish Long Term Goal
  • Establish Short Term Goal
  • Establish Duration Target
    • Name “30 seconds”
    • Manually add a singular 30 second criterion in intervention with “mark goal as met”
  • Bulk Copy “30 seconds” Branch
  • Modify each subsequent branch criterion and name