As an Organization, you can now control when edits can be made to your schedule. Save time and confusion for billing or payroll administrators by restricting when Employees can make edits to their appointments.

Schedule Lock Date gives an administrator the ability to set a date where employees will no longer have the ability to go back and modify, add or convert events. This is helpful for certain situations when you may need to lock schedules down before a certain point to ensure no additional changes are made.

Exact restrictions include:

  • Creating new appointments
  • Editing appointments
  • Cancelling/Deleting appointments
  • Changing length (using drag/drop from calendar or day planner)
  • Moving appointments from  one provider to another on the day planner

To setup, click the Scheduling module and go down to Settings:

Next, click Additional Settings:

Please note: This can only be setup in the main Organization admin account.

Any of the above changes CAN still be made if the user is granted a new permission. With this permission, the user can continue to make add/edits to appointments (as they can do now without the new ‘lock’ functionality).

This permission can be found in the Scheduling section: