Navigate to the Contacts Module.

Click on the client account to which you would like to add a payor.

Click “View All Payors” in the Payors widget.

Click the “Add New” button.

At minimum, you must add the Insurance Company name, the plan name, whether the insurance is a primary, secondary, or tertiary, and when the coverage began. Feel free to include information for the other boxes if you are able.

Before clicking the save button, click on the Subscriber tab and fill out the information needed here. You can import existing information from the client’s profile by clicking on the “Sync” button to the right of the “Last Name” text box. Be sure to add in the Insured ID here as it is not housed any other place in the client’s profile.

Click on the Patient tab after filling out the Subscriber tab. Click the “Sync” buttons to the right of the “Last Name” and the “Insured ID” text boxes to copy over existing information. Be sure to modify the “Relationship to Subscriber” field to “Child” if the client’s caregiver holds the insurance policy and to “Self” if the policy is in the client’s name (e.g. Medicaid). Once all information has been added, click the “Save” button.

The client’s new payor will appear in the “Payor” area and will also be reflected in the Payor Widget. Click on the pencil icon to make edits to the existing entry. Click on the trash can to delete an erroneous entry.