CentralReach’s Authorization report is a great way of tracking approved, worked, and unused clinical hours. It will show you when hours have expired and when you are reaching the end of your bucket of authorized hours. Additionally, you may sometimes see hours in the pending column when there are no scheduled hours.

Click on the plus button next to the entry you would like to check and expand the appointment breakdown by provider. Here, you will see that there are 5.50 hours pending for this authorized code despite there being 0.00 hours pending on any of the converted timesheets.


When you mouse over the warning symbol, warning text appears telling you that some part of the scheduled line is still unconverted. However, when we check the pending column for each appointment, it appears as though all of the appointment time has been converted.


This seemingly extra time appeared on the authorization due to a change in appointment length. In this case, the appointment was originally scheduled for 1.5 hours but was billed for 1 hour. The extra 0.5 hours was returned to the authorization as pending.

This pending time is now available to used in additional scheduled appointments prior the authorization’s expiration date.