After you have created employee permission groups and applied them to specific employees, there is an easy way to review employee permissions in CentralReach from the admin account or from an account with access to the Permissions module.

At the top of the Permissions page, there is a button named Review Employee Permissions. Selecting that button will bring you to a page to search for a specific employee. Once you have searched for an employee, the permissions will populate below. To find specific permissions, there is a search bar that will locate a permission by keyword (for example to see if an employee has files access, type in Files, and only permissions with that keyword will show below). There is also a toggle button to the right of the keyword search bar that when toggled on, will allow you to see only the granted permissions for that employee. Utilizing this toggle makes it much easier to view all permissions for an employee.

For each permission, there is an arrow that, when selected, will allow you to View Group Membership. Selecting this arrow allows you to view how that employee has that specific permission, as well as other groups that have that permission as well.

If you wish to remove the employee from a specific permission from this page, select the link of the permission name. Doing so will take you to the Permission Group, where you can remove, or add, employees to the group as you normally would. Selecting the link to the other groups with this permission would allow you to add an employee to that Permission Group directly from this page as well.

Utilize this review tool to quickly audit what employees have which permissions, and how they have that access.