CentralReach has the ability to manage Benefit Plans and the employees who receive those Benefit Plans through the Human Resources module. The HR module is marked by a dollar bill and person icon.

In order to manage your benefits through CentralReach, you must first input details about each benefit plan your organization subscribes to. To start this process, navigate to Human Resources dropdown and select Settings. Then select the Benefit Settings tab at the top. You now have two viewing options, Benefit Plans and Benefit Groups.

You must first input your Benefit Plans before you can apply these Benefit Plans to Benefit Groups. To create a new Benefit Plan, click the blue +Benefit Plan button in the top right corner. This will populate a list of options to begin adding the proper type of Benefit Plan.

Once you have selected the type of plan you are going to create, you will be redirected to the Health Plan Details page to create the plan. The required fields on this page are Plan Name and Plan Starts date. You can also select a Plan Ends date, and input a URL for your employees to have an easy link to all the plans details. Finally, you can select the different types of Plan Coverages and input the monthly costs for each plan based on employees and their dependents. You will be able to set the company/employee responsibility rate at the Benefit Group level. Here is an example of this screen:

Once you have created your Benefit Plans, you will see them on the Benefit Settings page. You can now create Benefit Groups and apply plans to your groups. Create a new Benefit Group by selecting +Benefit Group button from the top right corner. You are required to name the group. Input the Deduction Occurrence rate that matches your payroll deduction policy for that plan.

Now you can add all types of Benefit Plans to your group. Once you have added each type of plan, you can define when an employee becomes eligible for the plan, and if applicable, the employee cost, which changes the company cost.

Once you have saved all types of Benefit Plans to your Benefit Group, you can add employees into your Benefit Group. You can search for employees to add them to your group. You can also see Active Employees and remove them from the group.

Once your Benefit Plans and Benefit Groups are set up, you will be able to enroll, mark ineligible or waive employees for specific plans on the Benefit Summary page, which is accessed under the Human Resources module, then selecting Benefits. On this page you will see the benefit plans that are eligible by employee based on the Benefit Groups the specific employees are a part of. You can then choose to Enroll, Mark ineligible, or Waive access for the employee.

Employees will see a similar screen, but will not have access to the right side gear icon to edit eligibility. The Benefit tracking functionality provides an easy way for organizations and their staff to full clarity into the benefits cost and who will receive which benefits.