Tracking your company assets such as computers, software, hardware and other items is very simple, yet very intuitive, in CentralReach. To track company assets you must have access to the Human Resources module, marked by a dollar sign and a person.

Navigate to Human Resources and select Assets from the drop down. You can also navigate to this page by selecting Human Resources, then Assets.

The Assets Management feature is built on a grid similar to others in CentralReach (such as Contacts, Billing, Claims, Schedule View as Grid, etc…).  To track something new, select the blue +Add New button at the top right. Once you select that, you will be prompted to choose the type of asset you are adding. The options are Computer, Furniture, Hardware, Mobile Device, Software, and Other.

Once you have selected the type of asset you need to manage, you will be redirected to a screen that allows you to input important information to add the new asset.

On this screen, the only field that is required is Purchased by field. However, there are several options to input that allow you to track and filter, including Assigned to, Purchased from, Purchase date, unique identifiers and item cost. Additionally, you can create an asset for tracking purposes as well. At the bottom of the asset creation and editing screen you can save the asset or save and add another. You can also check a box if your product has a recurring cost and input information about the subscription. You can select if the recurring cost is every week, month or year.


Once you have saved your asset it is now viewable and trackable on the Asset Management page. This page allows you to view, track and manage assets based on labels, pre-set filters, saved filters, specific asset filters and more.

Additionally, you can get an even greater understanding of your organization’s asset commitment via our Stats tab in the filters bar. You can get stats based on Total Value and value by type of asset:

As well as filter stats based on total number of assets and total number of assets by type:

There are several options for customizing your filters to track and manage your company assets the way that works for you.