Setting up Time Off in the CentralReach Human Resources module is simple. You can take any policy your organization has in place and apply it to the proper type of employee (i.e.: full-time, part-time, contract, etc…).

To create your Time Off Type, you must have the proper permission to access the settings of the Human Resources module.

Once you have navigated to Settings under the Human Resources module dropdown, select Time Off Settings. From there you will see a page that will show all Time Off Types for your organization. To create a new Time Off Type, select the + Time Off Type button at the top right. Here you can create a new Time Off Type.

Once you have created your Time Off Type you can now create and apply separate policies for each type. An example of this would be having separate policies for vacation time based on a full-time employee and a part-time employee.

When creating a new policy, you must name the policy and select which Time Off Type you would like to apply this policy to. Additionally, to allow the automatic accrual process to work, you must select the annual Carryover Date, and whether the accruals will happen at the end of each period or at the beginning of each period. For this example, we are naming this policy Full-time Vacation, applying it to Time Off Type named Vacation, setting the carryover date for January 1st, and setting the accruals to happen at the end of each period.

Now that we have our policy details set, we must take care of our Accrual Settings. These settings will define how an employee with the policy we are creating will accrue their time off. The accruals will run off each employee’s hire date. This can be input within the Employees section of the Human Resources module. Navigate there by going to Human Resources -> Employees -> Employee Name -> Payroll Setup Tab.

We are now going to set our Accrual Settings. You can choose each level of accrual to start by days, weeks, months, years or on an employee’s anniversary date from the employee hire date (to set your accrual to begin on the employee hire date, set the number to zero (0) day(s) from the hire date). The Employees Accrue line is where the Accruals information is pulled from. For this example, I want my employees to accrue 4 hours of Vacation Time Off at the end of each two weeks they work. I also will allow my employees to carryover a maximum of 40 hours of Vacation Time Off to the next year. Here is how the screen looks with these settings:

Once you have created your policy and saved it, you can now assign employees to this policy by selecting the Assign Employees link at the top right of this screen. This link brings you to your Employees page in the Human Resources module. From this module you can filter by paytype, or filter by a missing paytype to help locate employees (paytypes are set up through our payroll functions under the employees section). From here, select an employee, which will enable the system to provide a popup for that employee’s Time Off Setup, as well as other information. In the Time Off Setup tab, there is a dropdown to select each policy.

Save the policies you have applied to the specific employee, and your employees will now be able to begin utilizing the Request Time Off functions through CentralReach.