For supervision appointments where an RBT is providing direct services while a BCBA is supervising, our best practice recommendation is to make supervision in the beginning or the end of the appointment for ease of scheduling.

In this example, Alfred the RBT has one appointment from 12pm to 2pm, but broken down to 2 segments with 2 separate service codes: The first one matches the supervised time from 12pm to 1pm with a code labeled as “Non-billable” and “Payable.” It can be called whatever you wish (e.g. Supervision Overlap), but make sure to label them appropriately as this will be non-billable, but payable to the RBT. The second code for the remainder of the unsupervised time will be your normal billable and payable code.

The overlapping supervision appointment of Iron Man, will be with your normal billable and payable supervision codes:

Last Updated: 8/3/17