When creating a clinical Notes Template, users are able to add a Session Summary into a note. The summary will appear in a note as a table with a complete Session Summary included. This article will show you how to add the place holder

In order to report on activity from a session, you are going to choose Session Summary from the Learn dropdown menu. The SESSION SUMMARY field pulls information from a specific session on a specific day. This includes, the name of the target branch, the current data point, the current phase, and phase change (if any) as well as the provider’s name that added the data.


Within the Session Summary field, you can decide what information you want pulled from the client’s account. This can include general information, such as when the session started and ended, as well as more detailed information such as Session Items. “Session” items is a list of all the targets addressed during a session. See the screenshot below to see all the fields that will be pulled into the note.

When creating your client note, you can select which session summary to pull into your note. To add the Session Summary, simply click on the Session Summary placeholder.

A popup will show allowing you to find and select the Session Summary you would like to add based on date.

Once you select the Session Summary you want, the Session Summary will appear in the note.