CentralReach’s newest module, Human Resources, which is marked by the dollar bill and coin icon, is where you will navigate to in order to view, request and manage Time Off.

In order to request Time Off, select the Time Off link under the Human Resources dropdown.

Once on the Time Off page, you will see the breakdown of your remaining time off for each Time Off type that your organization has set up. Below the breakdown of remaining time off, you will see a calendar that will allow you to select future dates to request your time off.

To select the dates you want to request off, simply click each date that you need to request. Each date you have selected will be marked by a blue circle.

Once you have selected the day(s) you are requesting off, you will see the days begin to populate below the calendar to provide an additional view of all the dates you have requested.

Each of the hours amount box for each date is editable to allow you to properly choose the total amount of hours you are requesting off in the days you have selected. This allows for the ability to request half or partial days off. To finish the requesting process, you will see a dropdown option to Select time off type… and to Add a note… 

The Time Off type is based on what Time Off types are applied to the Time Off group you are in.

Once you have submitted your Time Off request, the status of all your requests will be shown via the View Time Off Requests link on the Human Resources dropdown. On this page, you can see how many requests have been approved, denied, or are pending.

Finally, there is a lined detail of every request you have made, grouped by each specific request. This provides full transparency into your requests, with the number of hours you have requested, as well as the total number of time remaining.