To add a note/form for clients such as intake documents for clients to read and sign or policies and procedures for new employees, click on a user’s name from your Contacts module. Then click on Profile > Notes & Forms.

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Any previous notes that are shared with you will appear here. To add a new one, click Add New.

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Select the name of the note template you would like to add/assign.

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Please note that if you are unable to select one, that is most likely due to the fact that there are fields such as service date, service code description, etc. that requires the information to pull from a timesheet. and other fields that came down from the Service drop-down when building your template.

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Review the template and make any changes if needed, then click Save. Do not click Save and Lock unless you want to lock it to prevent further editing.

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It will now show up under the Notes & Forms section as shown below.

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Because notes are also considered as files, it will also appear under the Files module on behalf of the user.

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If the template has a client signature field, it will automatically be shared with the client. If the template doesn’t have a client signature field and you’d like to share it with them, click on the Share tab and select Share with Owner.

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The form is now available for clients to review and if needed, signed, from their own CentralReach account. If you haven’t already given them a username and password, you must first set this up for them as shown here. Once they log in, have them navigate to their Files module, and click on the file(s).

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Navigate to the Note/Form tab and scroll through the form, fill out any necessary information, and select Save.

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Last Updated: 4/4/2017